Hamilton Park School – 1955

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Hamilton Park School opened for its first regular session in the fall of 1955. There were eight teachers and principal F. L. Jones, on the faculty. The teachers were; Mrs. Lucy Foy, Mrs. Girlie Fields, Mrs. L. Hunt, Elza McKnight, John S. Love, Mrs. M. Harrison; Mrs. O. E. Davis and Mrs. Richie.

In 1965, Hamilton Park High School was a fully accredited high school, competing in District 1 – AAA. The first year of competition in AAA was in the 1964-65 school year.

The school’s mascot is the “Bobcat.” Other names that were associated Hamilton Park High School were: The Informer – school paper; The Bobcat’s Claw – school’s yearbook; The Bobettes – Drill team.

The Mighty Bobcat’s football team participated in 3 state play-offs. The Bobcat’s won state championship in 1961 by 28-0 over Sweney High.

The 1968-1969 class was last graduating class of the Hamilton Park High School.

In the beginning, Hamilton Park School consisted of an elementary and secondary school. Currently the school is an elementary magnet school that is nationally recognized as a Pacesetter school, and has been renamed to Hamilton Park Pacesetter Magnet.

Hamilton Park Pacesetter Magnet – 2010

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Early 2017, the Hamilton Park community was deemed as a historical area in the Dallas metroplex. Follow the link below to read the article published by the Dallas County Chronical!

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